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So how to use the gas alarm correctly?

2019-11-18 16:11:51

Nowadays, various industrial enterprises are increasingly using gas detection alarm systems. In order to prevent personnel poisoning protect public property, gas detection alarm systems have become "protective umbrellas." However, in several recent accidents, the gas alarm suddenly "misfired." Objectively speaking, the quality factor of the methane detection alarm is only a small part of the cause of the alarm failure, most of the reasons are to be attributed to improper use by people. So how should the alarm be used correctly?

Misunderstanding 1: The alarm can be used forever

At present, most companies buy gas detection alarms, they will replace them after installation acceptance, they are still in use even after their service life. This is very dangerous. Because the gas alarm is also an electronic product, the circuit board of the electronic product has a service life, it will age after a long time. Especially the life span of the alarm sensor has this very precise service life. Therefore, after the enterprise purchases the alarm device, it must be replaced repaired when the service life expires. Toxic gas detectors should preferably be replaced repaired within 2 to 3 years. The combustible gas detector is best to replace the sensor repair the whole machine in about 5 years. In addition, the alarm must be regularly dusted checked for aging corrosion of the circuit board. Because dust other harmful substances corrode the sensing element covering the alarm, it will reduce the sensitivity of the sensing element.

Methane detection alarm manufacturer

Misunderstanding 2: The gas alarm does need to be maintained after installation

If any product needs to be maintained after purchase, the gas alarm should be calibrated regularly. In order to avoid the dust blocking the sensor's air hole, the instrument is sensitive, the measurement error data drift due to the untimely calibration. Regular maintenance can even extend the service life of the gas detection alarm, thereby saving the company's purchase costs.

Misunderstanding 3: Catalytic combustion type combustible gas alarm can measure organic combustible gas (volatile organic matter)

Many customers neglect the effect of gas detection alarm in order to save purchase cost. When measuring volatile organic compounds, many companies choose catalytic combustion type combustible gas detectors with unsatisfactory results. This kind of detector only has poor detection effect for such gases, low accuracy, but also has a short service life. The correct selection should be the detector of the PID photoion sensor. Although the price is slightly higher, the measurement accuracy is high. It can effectively avoid personal injury take protective measures against gas leakage.