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Methane detection alarm brings great convenience

2020-05-12 15:05:51

Methane detection alarm devices are very exposed in daily life, but you may know how bad the temperature humidity control will affect our production life.

Since 2015, the Cigarette Logistics Distribution Center in Bijie City, Guizhou has officially put into use the ambient temperature humidity collection system, successfully escorting the normal operation of the equipment. Among them, the application of temperature humidity sensor monitoring technology is essential

In the past, if the cigarette logistics distribution center warehouse was powered off at night, the relevant management personnel had gone home get off work could understand the relevant situation. After the equipment has been left unsupervised, the information equipment may be damaged due to the high temperature inside the equipment room. Once the equipment is damaged, the maintenance cost is less than 10,000 to 30,000 yuan.

In order to avoid unnecessary losses, the center decided to use an environmental temperature humidity acquisition system that uses a temperature humidity sensor.

According to the actual area of the computer room in the warehouse, add temperature humidity sensor monitoring points to detect the temperature humidity in the computer room. Set temperature humidity sensors in each computer room, connect the temperature humidity sensor to the field signal acquisition controller. The collector can communicate with the center through TCP/IP. In the central computer room, the real-time temperature humidity conditions of each computer room can be displayed through the network. Alarm when temperature humidity cross the boundary.

Since the environmental temperature humidity acquisition system was put into use, the environmental temperature humidity acquisition system can realize real-time detection of the temperature humidity of the warehouse to ensure that a suitable temperature humidity environment is maintained in the warehouse to ensure the quality of storage materials. At the same time, it can also monitor computer room air conditioning, UPS power distribution, water leakage monitoring, access control management, etc., remotely monitor diesel generators.

According to the signal content recognized by the reading writing device, the current temperature humidity of the warehouse is confirmed. When the temperature humidity are abnormal, the system will quickly alarm prompt the hidden danger area. In the event of a power outage at night, the ambient temperature humidity acquisition system with built-in temperature humidity sensors will send text messages to relevant technical managers to inform the relevant technical management personnel of the situation of the computer room when the temperature of the computer room becomes high. Damage caused the center to be unable to carry out related business work