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There are many problems in the infrared methane sensor market

2020-05-12 15:07:10

Infrared methane sensors are somewhat chaotic in emerging markets, what should we do? Some people think that this is just a stage of market competition development. With the precipitation of time, consumers will improve their cognition in actual use, which can be achieved by "voting with their feet" Eliminate inferior manufacturers realize the survival of the fittest. However, I am afraid that no consumer wants to encounter such "trial error". An air purifier costs more than 10,000 yuan, most of which are more than 1,000 yuan. If you find it is good, you don't need it. Most people feel distressed. What's more, unlike common consumer products such as cups, pens, mobile phones, consumers often find it difficult to judge the quality of air purifiers through intuitive user experience. Complicated testing methods high testing costs also hinder consumers better understanding the true efficacy of air purifier products. This means that there is a greater degree of information asymmetry between air purifier manufacturers consumers than common consumer products.

Information asymmetry can easily cause unfair transactions competition, which can distort the behavior of producers consumers, leading to a series of problems such as the coexistence of demand gaps oversupply in the market, may even cause bad money to drive out good money. In the face of information asymmetry, the market’s ability to solve problems is often limited. At this time, it is necessary to rely on a force outside the market—the government’s tangible hand to guide the market, regulate market behavior, increase market information supply. In fact, in the face of high-profile propaganda businesses various opinions experts all walks of life, consumers have been looking forward to a more credible quality supervision department to take the initiative to investigate talk. This is "offside", it is precisely the performance of " being absent."

Consumers hope that in the face of a seemingly chaotic but fast-growing market, relevant departments must only act accurately but also quickly. There are no rules without rules, the rules of the air purifier market are the standards. The new national standard for air purifiers was released on September 15 this year, but it will be officially implemented until March 1 next year. The intervening months are exactly the peak periods for product purchases use. As a national standard, it is necessary to leave a certain amount of time for enterprises to adapt the date of publication to the date of implementation. But as a recommended standard, in the context of such an urgent consumer demand, why do special things implement them early?

In the field of consumer goods, what consumers most want, the key to solving information asymmetry, is the practical guidance information provided by functional departments through market supervision. Prior to this, relevant departments have repeatedly "named by name" published the red black lists of product quality, which played a role in supporting the good limiting the bad. It is a kind of practical guidance information that consumers urgently need. Air purification products are included in this year's national supervision spot check plan, but consumers have seen the publicly released spot check results. Who is better who is inferior, might as well come to make a public appearance.

In addition to the market the government, there is a third force that cannot be ignored-industry associations other civil organizations. The third force also plays a positive role in solving the problem of information asymmetry, people also expect these non-governmental organizations to fully play a supervisory role